July 2016 Newsletter

Let’s Encrypt Free SSL/TLS Certificates

We’re delighted to announce that Let’s Encrypt certificates are now available at 34SP.com.

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated and open certificate authority (CA) that offers free SSL certificates for the public’s benefit. Just like a paid for SSL certificate, a Let’s Encrypt certificate provides HTTPS protection for your website.

The key benefits of Let’s Encrypt are:

  • It’s free, with no hidden costs or renewal fees
  • Easy to setup, you can setup Let’s Encrypt in a matter of seconds
  • Trusted by all major browsers

We are proud to announce 34SP.com will be ‘Pavilion’ sponsors for the forthcoming WordCamp Brighton 2016. We are really looking forward to the event, which takes place on 23rd & 24th July 2016, at City College Brighton.

WordCamp Brighton is coming

34SP.com was founded in the year 2000 by two students straight out of Uni – Daniel Foster and Stuart Melling.

HostingReviewBox.com recently interviewed Stuart and caught him talking about the origins of 34SP.com, the team that he and co-founder, Daniel Foster have built up in the past 16 years, plus what it takes to consistently deliver world class support to tens of thousands of UK website professionals.

Interview with 34SP.com co-founder Stuart Melling

You know that the internet is experiencing explosive growth – but did you know that we are quickly running out of the original version of the Internet Protocol, known as IPv4?

Fortunately for us there is a replacement called IPv6. These new addresses look something like this: 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334

There are potentially 4.3 billion of them, or 2^32. 34SP.com has been supporting IPv6 for a number of years and we recently made some improvements to our IPv6 network.

Improving our IPv6 network

PayPal is in the process of upgrading SSL certificates, to use the SHA-256 algorithm and Verisign’s 2048-bit G5 root certificate. If you use PayPal and are on an older legacy Reseller Hosting account – you need to upgrade your service due to this change.

PayPal’s SSL Certificate Upgrade – Will this affect me?

Security is a top priority at 34SP.com. We have implemented a plethora of hardened security measures to protect your websites, data and email. However, there can be a weak link in this chain if your user names and passwords are weak. Which brings us to brute force attacks – these attacks are basically the process of trying to guess a user’s password many times in a row. Our WordPress Platform Lead, Tim Nash, explains how you can protect yourself from brute force attacks in this detailed post.

A lesson in brute force attacks

When we released our WordPress Hosting platform earlier this year, we included the ability to create a staging site for each website within your container. This month we have launched an update to the staging control panel to provide more control of your staging sites.

Update to staging controls on WordPress Hosting platform

That’s it for this month! We’ll be back next month with more news and special offers.

Best wishes,
The 34SP.com team