Fasthosts Moves to New Backup Platform Amid Worldwide WannaCry Meltdown

U.K. web hosting provider Fasthosts has restored customer access to backups after they were disrupted by the company’s efforts to prevent infection by the WannaCry ransomware that locked hundreds of thousands of computers on Friday, The Register reports.

After the WannaCry outbreak began, Fasthosts shut down systems running Windows Server 2003, which is unsupported and therefore vulnerable to the ransomware. This left Fasthosts customers without access to backups until Tuesday or early Wednesday morning, U.S. Pacific time, according to the report.

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The company confirmed to customers in an email on Tuesday that the service outage was caused by precautionary measures, and that no breach had occurred.

“As we take the security of our systems extremely seriously, we are retiring the Windows 2003 platform with immediate effect, and as a result we will be migrating your service to a new backup platform,” Fasthosts said in the email (via The Register). “As soon as the change has been made, your service will be available. You will simply need to update your backup password in your Control Panel, as well as adding the new platform IPs into your back-up scripts if necessary. We will let you know as soon as the migration of your service is complete.”

Fasthosts said on Twitter that 82 dedicated server customers were affected, though The Register reports that additional small businesses may have been affected as some of the 82 are IT service providers.